Oxygen Compact

A powerful defence against the ageing process, using natures most natural product, oxygen. This non invasive treatment using specially blended serums, (Hyaluronic Acid and OxySerum) and pressurised oxygen to gently push the serums deep into the skin, to saturate and plump out the skin from within, moisturising and softening fine lines and giving definition to facial contours.

Probe Infusion

A layer of Hyaluronic Acid and OxySerum is applied to the skin. The probe is then placed onto the skin and at the touch of a button, oxygen is released. Pressurised oxygen then pushes the active ingredients into the skin, restoring depleted moisture levels, giving the appearance of a smoother, softer and healthier complexion.

Facial Spritz

The Oxygen facial spray is particularly suitable for post dermabrasion treatments where erythema and irritation can result. A combination of Goddess Supreme Tonic, containing fresh Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid and Silk is sprayed onto the skin with oxygen, helping to restore the elasticity of the skin and removing any erythema or irritation.


This 10-minute treatment uses oxygen therapy to help relieve stress, aches and pains, leaving a feeling of total well-being. The use of essential oils, Peppermint, Melissa or Lemongrass and Lavender can be added to the mask to help relieve nervous tension, headaches or lethargy.

Cellulite Treatment

Goddess Royal Cellulite Gel, activates the fat metabolism to help disperse retained fluid and combat cellulite. The gel is applied to the skin then pressurised oxygen forces the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.



  • Anti-ageing and moisturising
  • Reduces UV effects
  • Stimulates new and young skin cells
  • Rich in amino acids, vitamin B, C & E
  • Leaves skin smoother and tighter
  • Powerful rejuvenating effect
  • Protects against loss of hydration
  • Refreshes & stimulates
  • Helps restore elasticity


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